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Can I really earn an interior decorating certification online?

Yes, that’s what the Interior Decorating Institute has been founded to provide – a modern, digital-first method to learning interior decorating online and earning your certification. Upon submission and passing of our exam, you’ll be awarded the credentials C.D.E (Certified Decorating Expert) from the Interior Decorating Institute.

Another website says they are the only company that can “certify” interior decorators.

That’s right. Many industries have governing bodies such as accounting and engineering which are heavily regulated by the government – but interior decorating isn’t a heavily regulated field, so we don’t believe one company should be able to make such a claim. Imagine if Mcdonald’s one day claimed they were the only company allowed to sell burgers…

Why is your course price lower than others?

Our course is 100% online, which means we don’t have to pay for offices or warehouses to teach interior decorating. 

Do I need to pay any ongoing fees as part of your interior decorating certification course?

No, we are strongly against ongoing fees. You pay once for access to our courses, and you receive lifetime access.

What is the total course cost?

Our Professional Course costs $247, and the Advanced Course $498. There are no costs over and above this.

Are there any prerequisites to take these courses?

No, both courses we offer and designed to take people from beginners to competent interior decorators. You don’t need any existing knowledge of the industry to sign up.

Do you offer any free interior decorating training?

Not at the moment. We are considering a free interior decorating course in the coming months, but it will be an extremely basic course with just the essentials, and no exam or certificate will be included in this free course.

What’s the difference between home staging and interior decorating?

We’ve written a full guide on the difference between home staging and interior decorating.

How long will your interior decorating certification take?

Most students complete the course in 6 to 8 weeks of part-time study, but some have completed it in one week of concentrated study, and others will choose to take 12 months or more if they are fitting it in around a full-time job ad other commitments. There is no time limit imposed.

Do I have to pay extra if I need help after I finish the program?

No, you have lifetime access and we’ll provide email help if and when you need it after completing the course.

What’s with the exam?

The exam is a straightforward process and a mixture of short written answers, multichoice questions, and uploaded photos that we ask you to take throughout the course. There is no time limit.

Is this interior decorating certification 100% online?

Yes, our course is 100% online. When signing up you’ll get access to your student dashboard where you’ll see the course material including written content, quizzes, slides, and downloadable resources.

Do I get a certificate after completing the interior decorating course?

Yes, you’ll receive a certificate delivered via email with your completion date and full name. This can be used on your marketing material or printed locally if desired.