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How to Become an Interior Decorator

How to Become an Interior Decorator

Have you ever thought about a career in interior decorating, and wondered how to become an interior decorator? Perhaps it’s always been your dream, or maybe your own home décor ideas are often complimented, bringing the idea of a new

How to Become an Interior Decorator in Texas

How to Become an Interior Decorator in Texas

With Texas’s real estate market continuously growing, interior decorators are playing an essential role in assisting individuals and businesses in achieving their ideal aesthetic. But how do you become an interior decorator in Texas? Whether you’re in Dallas, Houston, San

How Much Do Interior Decorators Make

How Much Do Interior Decorators Make?

One of the most common questions we get is regarding how much interior decorators make. It’s not surprising really, since nearly every reader of our blog is either someone looking for an Interior Decorating course, or someone starting their career

Marketing Strategies for Interior Decorators

Marketing strategies for interior decorators

The interior decorating industry is highly competitive, and many talented decorators are vying for the attention of potential clients. To stand out from the crowd, you need to use interior decorating marketing strategies that are both effective and unique. Marketing

Interior Decorating Statistics

Interior Decorating Statistics

Are you considering a career in interior decorating or running your own interior decorating business? If you’re anything like us, then delving into some interior decorating statistics is always interesting – especially when you are just starting in this industry!

How to determine lighting requirements

Determining lighting requirements

Lighting plays a crucial role in enhancing the functionality and ambiance of a room. It provides visibility for reading, working, and other activities. It also contributes to the overall aesthetic appeal of a space. To determine the lighting requirements of

Determining A Rooms Best Layout

Determining a rooms best layout

After drawing an accurate floor plan of the room, the next stage is experimenting with several layout options to find the ideal design. This consists of various steps, each of which is necessary for the creation of a practical and

How to determine flooring requirements

How to determine flooring requirements

Flooring is usually one of the first things you notice when you walk into a room. It plays a significant role in determining a room’s overall aesthetic and functionality, and it can make or break the finished look. As an

Window Treatments 101

Window treatments 101

Window treatments are an important aspect of interior decorating since they help improve the aesthetic appeal of a room, and also serve a practical role by regulating the quantity of natural light, privacy, and insulation in a room. As a result, choosing window coverings for

Choosing a color scheme

We are naturally attracted to certain colors, and selecting a suitable color scheme can make a significant difference in creating a beautiful interior. Choosing a color scheme, also known as a color palette, is the art of selecting colors that complement

Understanding wall treatments

Understanding wall treatments

Wall treatments are instrumental in elevating a room’s visual and overall impact. If you aim to create an inviting ambiance in a living room or aspire to create a spa-like bathroom, then wall treatments can do wonders. The careful use

space planning interior decorating

What is space planning in interior decorating?

As an interior decorator, the ultimate goal is to create a room that not only looks beautiful but also functions seamlessly. To achieve this, it’s always best to begin a project with space planning. It’s the foundation of any interior

How To Do an Initial Interior Decorating Consultation

How to do an Initial Interior Decorating Consultation

Initial consultations are an essential part of all interior decorating projects. It is an opportunity to meet the homeowners, learn about their project, and begin to offer your professional advice. Your initial meeting is the first step towards developing a

Arranging Furniture Mini-Guide

Arranging furniture mini-guide

Before placing any furniture, it is recommended you take the time to draw some floor plans to ensure effective space planning. This can be done by using a furniture template on the same scale as your base floor plan. Then

Selecting Furnishings 101

Selecting furnishings 101

The thought of selecting furnishings while embarking on a new decorating project can be an exciting experience. Furnishings are an important component of any interior decorating project. However, there are many factors to bear in mind when making your selection.

How to Become an Interior Decorator in California

How to Become an Interior Decorator in California

Interior decorating is a growing industry in California, providing ambitious interior decorators with an exciting opportunity to build their businesses and demonstrate their creativity. As an interior decorator, you assist clients in transforming their living spaces into attractive, practical, and

How to Become an Interior Decorator in Florida

How to Become an Interior Decorator in Florida

Interior decorating is an exciting industry that is currently thriving, so it is the perfect time to become an interior decorator in Flordia. As an interior decorator, you help homeowners transform their living spaces into beautiful, functional, and comfortable areas

Interior Decorating Styles

Interior Decorating Styles

Nowadays, there are so many different aesthetics and interior decorating styles, it can be challenging to know what is what. Are you someone who likes rustic farmhouse décor? Maybe you’re someone who prefers something a little more refined like the

Principles of Interior Decorating

7 Basic Principles of Interior Decorating

Whether you are an experienced interior decorator or an amateur just getting started with an online interior decorating course, you will have to understand the basic principles of interior decorating. Once you understand these principles you’ll have the fundamental knowledge

How to Start an Interior Decorating Business

How to Start an Interior Decorating Business

Do you want to start your own interior decorating business? Starting an interior decorating business is an exciting venture! With the right skill set, you can turn your passion for interior decorating into a reality and create beautiful spaces for