How to Become an Interior Decorator in Texas

How to Become an Interior Decorator in Texas

With Texas’s real estate market continuously growing, interior decorators are playing an essential role in assisting individuals and businesses in achieving their ideal aesthetic. But how do you become an interior decorator in Texas?

Whether you’re in Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, or any other city in Texas, you can tap into this thriving market by starting an interior decorating business.

By offering your expertise and knowledge, you can help homeowners and businesses achieve a stylish and functional living space while also generating a healthy income for yourself.

But how do you become an interior decorator in Texas?

Let’s approach this article from the point of view of someone who wants to start their own interior decorating business. The initial step involves familiarising yourself with your local market and obtaining an interior decorating certification. Following this, you can launch your business, analyze the local competition, and initiate marketing efforts.

We will explore each of these steps in more detail below.

However, if you simply want to get your foot in the door and start with a job in interior decorating, rather than your own business, then we have resources on resume tips, how to get an interior decorating job, and our overview of interior decorating careers in other guides on our website.

Let’s get started…

Steps to becoming an interior decorator in Texas

Step 1: Take an interior decorator certification course

While it’s not a must-have, earning a certification is like adding a shiny badge to your interior design toolkit.

This badge, like the online interior decorating certification course from the Interior Decorating Institute, lets potential customers know that you can walk the talk.

Certification doesn’t just hang on your wall; it opens doors. It says you’ve got the skills and knowledge to transform spaces.

In the competitive interior decorating industry, any extra credibility is worth its weight in gold.

Step 2: Understand the local market

To succeed in interior decorating in Texas, you must initially have a comprehensive understanding of the state’s real estate market.

The process of decorating a home in rural Texas differs significantly from designing an apartment in Dallas.

If you’re designing a home in a high-income neighborhood, be prepared to spend more money on the project than if you’re working in a more moderate-income neighborhood.

Step 3: Learn from other interior decorators in Texas

When starting an interior decorating business in Texas, it’s important to conduct thorough research by looking up other interior decorating businesses and current interior decorating jobs in the state.

Connecting with other interior decorating businesses can provide valuable insight into what niches they operate in, the various services they offer, and their pricing.

For example, a quick online search for “interior decorators in Dallas” or “interior decorators in Houston” can reveal dozens of competitor websites to analyze.

As you conduct your research, focus on identifying areas where you can differentiate yourself from the competition and offer unique value to potential clients.

This could include specializing in a particular type of interior decorating, offering innovative design solutions, or providing exceptional customer service.

Step 4: Start your business, legally!

Almost every business needs some essentials, and starting an interior decorating business in Texas is no different.

  • Register your business (Check out the Texas Economic Development website here)
  • Set up a business phone number (You can use your existing number, or get a new one via Google Voice)
  • Set up a business email address (We use Google Workspace)
  • Set up a business mailing address
  • Open a business credit card and bank account
  • Get liability insurance
  • Set up the software to track income and expenses (Xero is a popular choice)
  • Trademark your company name and logo
  • Design a website (We like to recommend Squarespace for our students)
  • Connect with service providers (storage and moving companies etc.)

Step 5: Begin marketing your new company

To turn your interior decorating passion into a profitable business, you need to attract a steady stream of clients.

One way to do this is by partnering with real estate agents who have frequent contact with potential sellers.

Real estate agents communicate frequently with potential sellers and can recommend your services to them. By working with them, you can enhance the appeal of their client’s properties, making their job easier and increasing your business.

You can also start getting customer enquires quickly by search marketing.

When a potential customer types into Google “interior decorators in Texas”, you can pay to be one of the top results. The top four results are generally paid ads, and the interior decorators running these ads pay a few dollars each time their ad is clicked.

Interior Decorator marketing in Texas

In the example screenshot above, you can see we’ve searched for interior decorators in Texas, and the top two results from Ice Interior Design and Missy Stewart Designs are paid ads.

Consider getting a Google Ads account for your business and starting to run ads. You can choose to spend as little as you want – so you can start with $10 a day and then work your way up to $100 or more if you want more inquiries.

If you want more tips on marketing strategies for interior decorators, consider reading our in-depth guide on this topic once you are finished with this particular article.

Other facts about becoming an interior decorator in Texas

How much do interior decorators make in Texas?

Interior decorator salaries in Texas can vary based on factors like experience, location, project complexity, and client base.

Based on our research in November 2023, interior decorators in Texas can expect to earn within the following brackets:

  • Entry-Level Interior Decorators: Beginners might earn between $30,000 to $55,000 annually.
  • Mid-Career Interior Decorators: Those with several years of experience typically earn salaries ranging from $55,000 to $85,000 per year.
  • Experienced and Established Interior Decorators: Highly experienced and well-established decorators can earn over $85,000 annually, with some reaching six-figure incomes.

Keep in mind that these figures are approximate and can vary significantly.

Location matters, with decorators in major Texas cities possibly earning higher salaries.

Additionally, the specific types of projects and the decorator’s reputation in the industry can impact their earnings.

We have a full guide on how much interior decorators earn, which delves into this topic in much more detail.

Do I need a license to become an interior decorator in Texas?

In Texas, obtaining a license is not mandatory to pursue a career as an interior decorator.

Unlike professions like engineering or accounting, there isn’t a regulatory authority that mandates licensing in the interior decorating field.

Although you can operate as an interior decorator without a license, enrolling in an interior decorating certification course or another similar program will be beneficial in fast-tracking your career and business..

Do you need a degree to become an Interior Decorator in Texas?

While a degree is not a prerequisite to becoming an interior decorator in Texas, obtaining a certification in interior decorating is recommended.

Moreover, pursuing college and university-level courses in real estate, home staging, and associated disciplines can enhance your credibility and advance your career in the industry at a quicker pace than those without the same level of experience.

Want to learn more about Interior Decorating?

Here at the Interior Decorating Institute we offer a range of interior decorating courses and an interior decorating certification.
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Confused about what interior decorating course to take?

We’ve created an interior decorating course quiz to find out what course is right for you…

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