Marketing strategies for interior decorators

Marketing Strategies for Interior Decorators

The interior decorating industry is highly competitive, and many talented decorators are vying for the attention of potential clients.

To stand out from the crowd, you need to use interior decorating marketing strategies that are both effective and unique.

Marketing is about promoting your company, displaying your talents, and reaching out to new clients who require your services.

However, to attract new clients, you must first get your name out there. This is when marketing comes into play.

This blog post will go over marketing strategies for interior decorators. Whether you’re just starting as an interior decorator, or want to start your own interior decorating business, these techniques will help you spread the word and attract new clients.

An Interior decorating marketing plan takes a lot of time and work but has the potential to bring in a lot of new clients.

 So, let’s dive into the marketing strategies that we feel every interior decorator should know.

Interior Decorating Marketing Essentials

Social Media Marketing: Showcasing Your Work to a Wider Audience

social media marketing for interior decorators

Social media platforms have evolved into effective business tools for interior decorators to reach new customers and promote their services.

Like Meraki Interior Decorating in the screenshot above, use social media to display your work, interact with potential clients, and establish a strong online presence.

  • On Facebook, create a business profile for your interior decorating company and publish photos of your most recent projects. Provide behind-the-scenes glimpses of your process and other important information about your company.
  • Instagram is another great platform for interior decorators because it allows you to display your work in aesthetically pleasing images. To attract a larger audience, share images of your most recent projects, highlight your creative talents, and use hashtags. Consider collaborating with other businesses in the industry to reach a larger audience and gain exposure for your company.
  • Pinterest is another visual tool that allows you to create boards and share images of your favorite home improvement ideas. For example, interior decorators use Pinterest to display their work and build inspiration boards for their clients. As a result, you’ll reach a larger audience, grow your online following, and increase traffic to your website.

Building a Professional Website: Establishing Your Online Presence

interior decorating web design

Having a professional website is essential for any business, including interior decorators.

Your website is the first impression new clients will have of your business, so it’s essential to ensure it accurately reflects your brand and showcases your skills and expertise.

Use your website to share your design experience, offer tips and advice, and keep your followers updated on the latest decorating trends by including a blog on your website.

Your website should be simple to navigate, visually appealing, and showcases full of high-quality photographs of your work. You can showcase your portfolio, promote your services, and provide business information.

Remember to include a contact form or details on how clients can reach you if they have questions about your services.

We find that many students from our interior decorating courses choose to use Squarespace when developing their interior decorating websites.

Your Reviews: Showcase and Publish Online

interior decorating online marketing

To successfully market your interior design business, it’s essential to focus on reviews.

As you can see in the above screenshot, All Things Beautiful has a perfect 5-star rating from 16 reviews on houzz. This is perfect for giving customers confidence when enquiring with this business.

Many clients will only consider using a company once they’ve read online reviews, and one of the main places to find these is Google Reviews which you manage via your Business Profile Manager.

But it’s not enough to gather reviews. You need to respond to them as well.

This shows clients that you care and value their feedback. Whether a review is positive or negative, take the time to respond and address any concerns the reviewer raises. 

To get more reviews, ask every client to leave a review after a project is completed, utilize your social media channels, send a request through email, or offer incentives.

Lastly, make sure to use your reviews wisely.

Share screenshots and quotes from positive reviews on your social media channels and include them on a testimonials page on your website. This builds trust with potential clients and spreads the word about your services. 

Networking: Building Relationships in the Industry

Networking is a crucial component of a successful marketing strategy for interior decorators. By building relationships with other industry professionals, you’ll expand your reach and promote your business to a broader audience.

One way to network is to attend industry events and trade shows. These events provide opportunities to showcase your work and learn about the latest decorating trends.

Another way to network is by collaborating with other interior decorators on joint projects.

This allows you to showcase your skills and reach a wider audience through their network of clients and contacts. Consider partnering with local businesses, such as home décor stores, to promote your services to their customers.

Content Marketing: Providing Value to Your Audience

interior decorating content marketing

Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach that involves creating and sharing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a target audience.

As an interior decorator, use content marketing to showcase your expertise, provide value to your clients, and promote your business to a broader audience.

One way to use content marketing is to create a blog for your interior decorating business and share articles about design trends, tips for decorating a home, and other relevant topics.

Use your blog to share behind-the-scenes of your projects and provide information about your services. 

Another way to use content marketing is to create and share videos, such as tutorials and design walk-throughs. Videos can showcase your skills and expertise and provide a more immersive experience for your clients.

Here at the Interior Decorating Institute, we have a blog that covers topics from How To Become an Interior Decorator to Interior Decorating Statistics.

In fact, you’re reading one of our blog posts now about interior decorating marketing strategies.

We blog because our content attracts people interested in becoming an interior decorator, and once people reading our blog learn that we offer interior decorating courses online, many choose to sign up to get access to our premium content, resources, and earn their decorating certification.

By consistently creating and sharing valuable content, you’ll establish yourself as a trusted expert in the industry and attract new clients to your business.

Email Marketing: Staying Connected with Your Clients

Email marketing is a cost-effective approach to staying connected with your current clients and reaching new prospects.

By building an email list, you can effectively and regularly promote your business.

Offering a newsletter sign-up on your website and encouraging prospects to join your email list is one approach. Use email marketing to send out regular newsletters with project updates, decorating suggestions, and special offers. 

Sending targeted email campaigns to specific groups of your email list, such as clients who have recently finished a project with you, is another approach to email marketing. Personalize your marketing messages and boost their impact by conducting targeted email campaigns.

Our software preference is ActiveCampaign. We use this tool to grow our mailing list and send regular emails to our subscribers. It’s somewhat affordable and easy to use.

Paid Advertising: Driving Traffic to Your Website

interior decorating google ads

Paid advertising is a powerful way to boost your reach and drive traffic to your website and can be a valuable component of your marketing strategy.

One way to use paid advertising is to use Google AdWords to target potential clients searching for interior decorating services.

By setting up a targeted ad campaign, you’ll reach your ideal audience when they are actively searching for the services you offer.

These ads allow you to show up at the top of the search results for your chosen keywords, as you can see in the above screenshot when we search for interior decorators in Florida. The top four results are all companies that have paid to be at the top of the search results page (See the ‘Sponsored’ text?).

In this example, people searching for interior decorators in Flordia will likely click on the mr alex tate link.

Another strategy for using paid advertising is to advertise your brand to your target demographic using Facebook and Instagram Ads.

By creating visually engaging adverts that display your work, you can use these platforms to target your desired audience based on characteristics such as age, location, and interests.

Remember that Google Ads, Facebook, and Instagram Ads cost money, so you must account for that in your budget planning.

Google My Business: Raise Local Awareness

interior decorating business profile

Google My Business is a great way to raise local awareness about your interior decorating business, as it provides relevant information about your business. It’s also one of the best ways to get local leads for interior decorating projects.

So, how does Google My Business fit in with your interior decorating marketing? It starts with a Google search, where your Google My Business profile will show up in organic search and Maps results.

Around 5% of Google My Business listing views result in a call to the business or website visit. This may not sound like much, but nearly 50% of businesses get more than 1,000 Google My Business views per month.

Take Action: Implement Your Marketing Plan 

A strong interior decorating marketing strategy is essential for interior decorators who want to expand their business and reach new clients.

Grow your brand, position yourself as an expert in your profession, and attract new clients by combining tactics such as network marketing, content marketing, social media marketing, and paid advertising.

These strategies can be tailored to your business needs, target audience, and marketing goals. Investing time and effort into developing and executing a comprehensive marketing plan ensures that your interior decorating business is poised for success.

So, take the time to assess your marketing needs, develop a strategy that works best for you, and take action to implement it. Then, with a little effort and some creative thinking, you’ll be well on your way to growing your interior decorating business and reaching new clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I market my interior decorating business?

Marketing your interior decorating business takes time, persistence, and sometimes trial and error until you find out exactly what works best.

A mix of networking, SEO, Google Ads, and social media activity is a good place to focus on initially.

Who is the target market for interior decorators?

Interior decorators are typically hired by higher net-worth individuals.

The middle class typically can’t afford to have a professional decorate their residence (or they can afford it, but have other things to spend on that they feel are more important).

Having a professional interior decorator assist is a luxury, and therefore your target market should be in the wealthier areas of town. Think of successful businessmen, athletes, entrepreneurs, etc.

How do you charge clients for interior decorating?

There are several ways to charge clients for your interior decorating services: hourly and flat fees are common, as are by-the-room packages. We’ve got an entire topic on how to charge for interior decorating that is worth reading.

Where do interior decorators get paid most?

Interior decorators get paid the most in areas where the cost of living, and real estate prices, are the highest. This typically means large urban areas such as those found in California or New York. High net-worth clients are more willing to pay for experienced interior decorators.

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